Keynote Address – 2017 OHPBA Conference

Published by Timothy Reed on

I was asked to share about the current state of the hearth industry so I put together some thoughts and titled it “The Way it Is”. That may be a little bit brash, being that it’s just one persons perspective, but that year I had traveled all around the country and feel that I had my finger on the pulse of things. I make three basic claims:

  1. Things have never been better
  2. We are on the verge of a shift
  3. We must intentionally plan for success in the coming years

Really, I say this to combat the incredible pessimism that I see from so many companies, industry magazines and trade shows. In fact, I was recommended to turn this speech into an article and send it to our leading industry magazine as an editorial. They said, “thanks, but no thanks” and that I’d already found a place to speak my mind.

Now, you’re the judge. Are you with me that this is “the way it is” and things have never been better? Or are things worse than ever before?



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