The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 10 – JOHN WATERSTRAAT

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Do you have employees who rally around you to grow your business? John Waterstraat stops by The Fire Time Podcast this week to talk about how he has scaled a company from a dirty warehouse to the biggest fireplace company in the Pacific NW. He doesn’t rule with an iron fist, rather, he has chosen to invest in his people so that they can win and grow his company along the way.

In this episode:

  • Learn what it takes to scale a business that’s bigger than you
  • Understand how to empower your leaders to make the right decision and grow your business
  • Learn how leading with radical transparency has helped John create “employees for life”

Sometimes it can feel like your business is out of control. John teaches us what it takes to create a leadership framework where people run your company for you. Imagine being able to take a 6 month vacation and not worry about your business while you were gone. John teaches intentional steps to make that dream a reality—don’t miss this week’s episode!

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