The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 14 – STEPHEN SCHROETER (Live from HPB Expo)

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Tim Reed Grant Falco and Stephen Schroeter at HPB Expo in Dallas, TX

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Are you looking for ways to win the changing landscape? With things moving faster than ever it’s easy to get swept away and wonder what you do to ever be effective again. If that sounds familiar then this episode is for you.

In this episode, Stephen Schroeter (co-CEO of Napoleon Products) sits down with Tim Reed and Grant Falco (Falco’s – Spokane, WA) to discuss:

– How to navigate the logistics of family business (even at the biggest levels of our industry)

– Why making it simple for customers is what everyone needs to do (since we normally confuse them without even knowing it)

– Why this marketing piece by Napoleon a few years back is the best piece that I’ve ever seen (seriously, it’s incredible… you can check it out by clicking here)

– What you need to understand as a young leader in the industry (it has a lot to do with humility)

Don’t miss this conversation—learn what you need to take control and win in the changing landscape!

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