The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 18 – Brandi Biswell

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If your business feels like a whirlwind that’s out of control then you need to listen to this episode with Brandi Biswell. Brandi is the owner at Flue’s Brothers (Kansas City) where she has built an incredible service business through systems and processes that scale beyond herself. On top of that she is a business coach and consultant through the CVC Success Group for hearth companies all over the country.

In today’s episode, Brandi sits down to cover:

  • Why systems and processes are a must if you want to grow your business (and take undue stress off of your plate)
  • How her customer service team is trained to win customers (when they are more expensive than the competition)
  • When you need to “fire the customer” (trust me, you don’t want to miss this)

If you feel like your business is running you and there is no way our then this is for you.

You can take control of your business if you are willing to invest in systems and processes. Now most companies in our industry get this wrong, but that means that you have an opportunity to grow further and faster than anyone else out there if you begin now!

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