The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 19 – Carter Harkins & Taylor Hill

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If you’re like most hearth companies, you don’t have a system of follow up that you use with customers—and it’s costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In today’s episode, Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill (Founders of Closing Commander) stop by to talk about how to create a follow up system that makes you money and maximizes the work that your team does on the sales floor. 

In today’s episode we cover:

  • Why most companies don’t follow up with estimates (its the dirty secret in our industry)
  • The reason that customers don’t remember you like you think they do (which is why you have to follow up)
  • How many salespeople focus on the wrong end of the funnel (and what it takes to change that)
  • What it takes to create a world class follow up system (and what kind of results you can see)

You can outpace the competition and stay ahead in your market by mastering the follow up process—the steps in this episode can help you get there.

Notes from today’s show:

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Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill –
Closing Commander Website

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