The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 20 – Jerry Isenhour

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Most businesses struggle everyday to find good people, but have no idea how to train them when they come onboard. This leads to burnout, frustration and stress all the way around. In today’s episode, Jerry Isenhour (President, CVC Success Group) sits down with Tim Reed to cover how companies need to train their team members if they want them to stick around longterm, and what leaders need to understand about growing a hearth company in the changing landscape.

In this episode:

  • Learn how online training is actually possible in this industry (some techs can be trained in as little as 6 weeks)
  • Understand what is going through millennials minds when they are searching for a job (and how they can become your highest performing workers)
  • Discover what every leader needs if they are going to be relevant to their employees (this may not be what you would think)

Don’t miss what Jerry has to say about this—he has been helping companies across the country for decades and can help you finally move the needle!

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