The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 21 – 5 Things You Need to Survive NSPS

Published by Timothy Reed on

Tuesday, May 7th @ 7am PDT (10am EDT)Don’t miss the opportunity to get questions answered that are specific to your business!

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I know that you want to be a winning hearth company that grows every year. In order to do that, you’re always looking to sell more fireplaces. The problem that the impending NSPS is changing everything and there is all kinds of misinformation about what you can and can’t sell, which makes you feel like you’ll never be able to figure it out. That’s just plain wrong because you can’t make purchasing decisions on bad information!  I know how it feels to be a dealer that’s facing the NSPS, that’s why I grabbed Grant Falco (Owner, Falco’s) and Chris Neufeld (VP, Blaze King) for this episode to talk through the five things you need to survive NSPS: 

  1. Believe the facts and not the hype
  2. Prepare your 2020 inventory now
  3. Be aware of the discounts that are coming
  4. Beware of manufacturers who are taking shortcuts
  5. Get the latest scoop from HPBA

If you have more questions after this episode, we are hosting an NSPS Q & A on Facebook Live (tomorrow morning) to answer all of your questions and here are the details:Tuesday, May 7th 7am PDT (10am EDT) Click here to RSVP 

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