The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 28 – TIM REED

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There is an epidemic in our industry. Hearth companies are confusing customers out of buying their products every year by the thousands. The worst part is that most companies don’t even realize it—because it’s all that they’ve known. 

It’s the truth, hearth companies are confusing customers every day with:

  • Confusing websites
  • Insider language
  • Complicated sales processes
  • Difficult price quotes
  • Ineffective marketing

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take control of your business and make it simple for customers to buy from you. 

This episode will show you how to:

  1. Cut out all of the noise that’s confusing your customers (you may not know it, but this is everywhere in your business)
  2. Reframe your messaging to only talk about what solves your customers’ problems (most hearth companies are getting this wrong)
  3. Create tools that make it radically easy for your team to sell to those customers (they will sell more than ever if you can do this)

Your company can take control and win more customers than ever. This episode will show you the pitfalls that hearth companies are blind to because they are too close to what they do. 

Don’t waste another year doing the same old thing—letting your business run you! Rather, grow your business like never before, create a framework that can easily scale, maximize your marketing dollars, and make the money that you have always wanted.

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