The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 32 – 7 Steps to Transform Your Sales

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Most small businesses don’t have a cohesive sales process to organize their sales—and the result is that their results are haphazard at best. In order to be successful, a sales team needs a process to follow, like a playbook, that they can execute over and over again to get the results they want. Now, this isn’t micromanagement (far from it), rather, this is you as a leader putting lines on the court so everyone can play the same game.

In this episode, learn the seven steps that you need in your sales process:

  1. Greeting
  2. Understand Their Problem 
  3. Advise a Solution
  4. Make a Plan
  5. Call to Action
  6. Pursue
  7. Show Gratitude

If you can master these steps, you’re going to be shocked at the results you’ll get. Don’t settle for a sales team that operates in the chaos of the Wild West, instead, take control of your sales process and win the business that you deserve.

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