The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 36 – Make a Plan (Step 4)

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Most customers get confused at some point in the process when they’re buying something new and the answer for salespeople is simple: Make a Plan. It sounds too easy to be true, but it’s because we are too close to what we do and often forget what it was like before we knew all about our product.

In today’s episode, Bradley Hartmann (President, Behind Your Back Sales Co.) returns to the podcast to talk about:

  • Why making a plan that establishes clear next steps for the customer is absolutely critical (and most salespeople miss it)
  • How win the beginning of every meeting with the C-P-R-Time framework (this will change the way that you start any meeting)
  • The difference between the “Front Stage” and “Back Stage” sales process (this really helps clarify things for your team and your customer)

Click here for a free PDF downloadthat will teach you things to think about when making a plan, how to use the C-P-R-Time framework, and the surefire way to get a call back from a prospective client. 

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