The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 37 – Call to Action (Step 5)

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Many experienced sales reps trip up in one of the most critical parts of the sales process—Call to Action! Everything in the sales process is leading your customer towards making a decision about your product and it’s critical that you don’t mess this up.

Louie Falco (Owner, Falco’s [Spokane, WA] & U.S. Sales Manager, Sherwood Industries) has been a sales leader in the hearth industry for over 30 years and he sat down to talk about what every salesperson needs to understand about calling a customer to action.

In this episode:

  • Learn “Louie’s 3 Steps” to call a customer to action(these will win you sales if you use them)
  • Understand why there needs to be a sense of urgency to buy (most businesses in our industry miss this)
  • Discover why customer wantyou to ask for the sale (so many sales people are afraid to do this)

Don’t talk yourself out of sales because you keep running the customer through the same features and benefits when they are ready to buy! Rather, understand what you need to clearly and confidently call your customer to action—they’ll be thankful that you did!

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