The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 39 – Gratitude (Step 7)

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Most companies are so focused on getting to the next sale that they forget about the person who just purchased from them. Don’t leave your customers in the dust! To cap off our series on the seven-step sales process, I sat down with Tim Rethlake (Hearth & Home Technologies) to talk about Step 7: Gratitude.

In this conversation:

  • Learn why showing gratitude towards past customers sets you up for future success (this “says” easy, but “does” hard)
  • Discover some practical ways that you can show gratitude to past customers (these are super practical and don’t take a lot of time)
  • Listen to TR tell a story about gratitude that paid off 10 years later (seriously, this is crazy)

Having a heart of gratitude towards your customers will set you up for success in ways that nothing else will—so start building practices in today.You can build an army of brand ambassadors who are an (almost) free marketing department everywhere they go by being generous and gracious towards them after the purchase.

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