The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 42 – Grant Falco

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Most hearth companies know that social media is important, but can’t figure out how to use it effectively. This episode with Grant Falco (Falco’s & @falcobbq| Spokane, WA) is going to give you an understanding of the basics that every company needs. Even though social media can seem complicated, the concepts that you need to grow your business are easier than you think. 

This episode will:

  1. Help you understand why mastering social media is more important now than ever (and how you can begin to do that in your company)
  2. Showcase the real world results that Grant has personally seen  (and how exactly you can do the same thing)
  3. Teach you what kind of messaging will engage your audience  (everyone is looking for this)

Don’t risk missing out on what social media can do for your company, instead, you can master the basics of social media, grow your business, connect with more customers and save money on marketing longterm.

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