The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 59 – Bill Lentz

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If you’ve been in the fireplace business for any amount of time, then the name Tom Pugh (1952-2012) should mean something to you… He’s the man who invented the clean face fireplace, created HPBA’s Government Affairs Academy in Washington, D.C., and helped hearth dealers across the country grow profitably with his playbook: “Blueprint for Success”.

Tom was someone who could see further down the road than anyone else at the time. He was relentless about understanding what needed to be done and taking action when no one else wanted to rock the boat—something that our entire industry owes him a debt of gratitude for.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Bill Lentz (Owner & President, Pugh & Associates) to get an insider’s perspective on Tom Pugh’s life and legacy.

This conversation will:

  • Reveal the motivation behind Tom’s relentless work ethic
  • Explain how he saw things differently than anyone else at the time
  • Expose what we all need to be thinking about in the midst of today’s disruption

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about a legend in our industry from a legend in our industry. Instead, get the confidence you need to do what needs to be done and live into the legacy that Tom Pugh started all those years ago.

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