The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 60 – LEADERSHIP (Building a Winning Hearth Business 1 of 8)

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Everyone is looking to build a winning business, but the question is where do you start? Over the next eight episodes of the podcast, Tim Reed and Grant Falco will outline how to build out the departments necessary to running a winning hearth company—and the first department is Leadership. Most companies fail when it comes to motivating their team members because they don’t have an effective leadership model for their business.

In this conversation:

  • Understand how setting goals is the foundation of leadership in any company (and why your team needs to know them as well)
  • Learn how to communicate with your team effectively (to keep them engaged and inspired)
  • Understand why building team scoreboards is absolutely critical (this will keep your team aligned like nothing else )

Stop running your company on auto-pilot! Now, more than ever, your team members need leaders to follow. Putting this content to use is the start of building an incredible business that leads the way during a time of crisis.

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