The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 72 – Alex Judd

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Many businesses today exist for themselves when in reality they need to be operating for the sake of others. In today’s episode, we examine the major benefits of what happens when you begin using your strengths not for yourself, but rather for service.  

A weekly Zoom Call Community focusing on generosity, gratitude, and growth was a silly thought Alex Judd had one night when the effects of COVID-19 were just starting to be visible in the day to day. We sat down with Alex (the former host of Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership Podcast) to discuss how much this ‘silly’ idea has swiftly turned into his new business.

In this episode, you will gain value in the form of: 

  • Learning how strength is ultimately for service (and how this core value can drastically improve your life)
  • Understanding how your habits are a crystal ball to your future self (and how to to change that if you don’t like what you see)
  • Destroying the lie that walking around with a big to-do list is a badge of honor (it’s actually crippling your potential)

Don’t continue living the life you weren’t meant to live. Learn to work on your internal strength, and then use it to serve others today! 

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