The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 74 – Tim Rethlake & Jeni Forman

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Anyone involved with new construction work has been seeing incidence rates (the % of fireplaces being installed into new construction homes) free fall over the past 10 years—and if you haven’t then you’ve been living under a rock.

In today’s episode, Tim sits down with Tim Rethlake & Jeni Forman of HHT to discuss possible ways to stop the bleeding and grow Incidence Rate back to where it has been historically. 

This episode is going to teach you: 

  • Why builders haven’t upgraded to the fireplaces buyers want to see (and how you can push them to) 
  • Why we need to start looking at our industry differently if we want to see things change
  • How the hearth industry can come together as a whole and face the banning of natural gas in new construction (it’s going to take everyone to do this)

Don’t continue watching the incidence rate drop (and your profits along with it). Rather, grow your sales and impact with builders by helping them spec what’s right for their client. 

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