The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 78 – Tim Reed

Published by Timothy Reed on

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Owners and Managers across the country have a hard time leading their companies because they don’t spend any of their effort on leading themselves. 

In today’s episode, Tim sits down to discuss the rhythms he has created to help him be effective at what he does and lead a full life at the same time. Creating a consistent rhythm is essential to becoming a leader that acts intentionally. You can do that by building a framework that helps you focus on the things that matter every single day. 

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How to plan your week out every single week (and why this will fundamentally change your productivity).
  • How to create a daily rhythm that filters what’s important from what’s not (anyone is able to do it).
  • How to take back your schedule with a weekly time map (it sounds impossible, but this is a game-changer).

Don’t go another day spinning the hamster wheel. Instead, take charge of your business’ productivity by learning how to effectively lead yourself.

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