Jenna Guldin – Episode 87 – The Right Seat on the Bus

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If one of your best salespeople requested time off in the middle of peak season, would you give it to them? Often, this vacation time is not granted, and your salesperson is bummed out over peak season. Your business shouldn’t be run this way. Having flexibility with your team members is key to having a team that is filled with drive and passion. 

In today’s episode, Tim sits down with Jenna Guldin of Salter’s Fireplace & Outdoor Living. Much like Tim, Jenna is of the younger millennial generation, making her a great guest to discuss things that matter in the workplace today.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why putting team members in positions where they can utilize their strengths is crucial to them staying with your company (you don’t want your team to not enjoy what they do). 
  • How getting rid of team member that doesn’t fit can’t be put off (this affects your business much more than you think). 
  • What to understand when deciding to hire a millennial (they are not as bad as you think—but they are different). 

Taking time to make sure your team members are in the right seats on the bus is something that every leader needs to do regularly. Team members are not numbers, and all have their strengths that should be utilized. Listen today to learn how you can become the leader of a team that loves what they do, and goes to the wall for your company over and over again.

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