Troy Olsen – Episode 89 – Adapt or Die

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When a challenging conversation has to be had with a customer, salespeople often struggle to be honest out of fear it won’t sit well on the receiving end. As the marketplace rapidly evolves, continuing to skew details to please customers is a practice you must eliminate. Now more than ever is the time for your business to adapt…

In today’s episode, Tim talks with Troy Olsen of Napoleon Fireplace about how the pandemic has caused drastic changes and innovations within our industry. Troy is an industry veteran who has watched so much growth over the past 25 years, making a valuable perspective on our current circumstances.

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why honesty is the greatest form of intelligence when working with competitors and customers (we need more of this). 
  • How changing your business’s identity to better align with your market conditions is crucial to maximizing success (being stuck in the same practices gets you nowhere). 
  • The ultimate phrasing to deliver a hard message to someone (you are not going to want to miss this). 

Although it may be hard to let go of practices that worked for so many years, embracing change within your business is essential in achieving success within our quickly changing industry. Listen today to learn how you can modernize how your business approaches the future. 

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