Back to Basics – Episode 96 – Why Every Company Needs a Sales Process

Published by Timothy Reed on

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How do you make it so stupidly easy to buy from you there is no excuse not to? Believe it or not, there is a fairly systematic process to do so. 

Today, Tim sits down to talk everything sales process—an art that he has spent much of his life mastering and teaching. When broken down into its simplest form, all that the sales process is, is an exchange of trust between the salesperson and the customer. However, understanding how to build the most trust possible in the shortest amount of time is where many salespeople fall short. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why sales is a performance art (and how to perfect your performances)
  • The secret of asking permission from your client (almost no one does this, and as a result, customers ready to buy walk out empty-handed) 
  • What going from a fast is slow to a slow is fast approach means for better serving your customers (the customer is what comes first, not the products)

A good understanding of the sales process makes salespeople come alive. Quit thinking you know what a customer wants and instead be prepared to serve them—it’s effortless to repeat this once you have it down. Sales is service, and it should become a gift to whoever you’re selling to. Listen today to learn how to revolutionize your processes. 

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