10 Steps to Execute – Episode 98 – Overview & Step 1

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How do you prevent repeated mistakes in your sales process? Simply hope that they don’t happen? Or take action to diagnose and prevent them? Chances are, you’re probably just hoping—not because you’re terrible at business, but because you don’t have a framework to figure out where things went wrong. In this episode, Tim and Grant introduce a new 10-step framework to help you perfectly execute your entire sales process every time.

Season 7 of The Fire Time Podcast will focus on each step of this sales process framework. In this first episode, Tim and Grant provide an overview of the framework, then dive deep into the first step: The Showroom.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • The framework to supercharge your business and solve problems permanently (this is the first time this framework has been made public).
  • How to discover each customer’s problem, then lay out a plan to solve it (this sounds simple, but few dealers do it).
  • What an estimator setup form is, and how it will drastically improve each customer’s experience (this also simplifies everything on your end).

If you allow repeated mistakes to plague your sales process, your business will remain mediocre and incapable of growth. Implementing our tested framework will allow you to identify and overcome your mistakes. To get started, all you have to do is push play.

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