The Journey – Episode 100 – How Two Retailers Stumbled Into a Community Bigger Than Themselves

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Three and a half years ago, the first episode of The Fire Time Podcast was released. As Tim nervously hit the “Publish” button, doubts raced through his mind. Was he really ready to start a podcast? Was anyone even going to listen? 

Since then, 99 episodes have followed, making today’s number 100! In honor of that, Tim reflects on his first article from The Fire Time Magazine: “The Journey: How Two Retailers Stumbled Into a Community Bigger Than Themselves.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Tim turns insecurities into strengths (and how you can do it too).
  • Why Tim and Grant created The Fire Time Network (and what lessons they learned along the way).
  • Why you should dance with fear (and do it often).

When the first podcast was published, Tim didn’t know it would succeed. He just looked fear in the face and went for it. If you want to gain a similar sort of confidence—and learn about the genesis and ethos of The Fire Time community—don’t miss this special episode of the podcast.

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