10 Steps to Execute – Episode 102 – Steps 6 & 7

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“Sorry, but we’re missing a part.” This is the last thing you want said between your installer and your customer on installation day. Unfortunately, it’s too common throughout our industry because many companies don’t have a thorough staging system to prepare for each job. What does a thorough staging system look like, though? Listen in to find out.

In today’s episode—the second to last episode of the 10 Steps to Execute series—Tim and Grant dive into Step 6 (Receiving and Staging) and Step 7 (The Confirmation Call) of the 10-Step Execution Framework. Both these steps must be made right before installation to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The different sections you should have in your warehouse (this makes things visible and creates accountability).
  • What a good confirmation call consists of (this will give you an edge over your competitors).
  • How to manage expectations (this is essential if you want the best sales experience for customers and your team).

If you can nail these steps, you’ll be on track to slam dunk your installations. Listen today to learn the framework that successful companies use to diagnose and prevent problems.

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