Michelle Myers – Episode 110 – Working with Purpose

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What’s the call to women in a male-dominated industry? Simply put, it’s creating a better industry for everyone. After all, including women frequently creates teams that focus on what matters most—instead of teams that do directionless, unfulfilling work.

In today’s episode, Tim talks with Michelle Myers, the founder of an online community for women seeking purpose in their work. Michelle and Tim’s conversation spans from defining purposeful work to advice for women who want to own their uniqueness at home and work.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How to find work that matters and brings you purpose (work that matters is work that serves).
  • How to become irreplaceable in your job (work only you can do exists—it’s your responsibility to discover it).
  • How to focus more on less (workplaces today are cluttered with digital distractions you need to eliminate).

Too many people live dull lives doing work that doesn’t bring them purpose. To counter this, people—especially women—should lean into their uniqueness to find work that brings them purpose and fulfillment. If you’re unsatisfied with your work and seeking something more fulfilling, this episode is for you.

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