Rachel Feinstein – Episode 111 – Why Everyone Needs a Mentor

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No one likes uncertainty. Having someone to show us the way in life is something we all crave on some level. But how do you find that kind of person?

In today’s episode, Tim talks with Rachel Feinstein, the Senior Manager for Government Affairs for HPBA and the creator of HPBA’s Women’s Mentoring Program. Rachel and Tim’s conversation focuses on why the mentorship tide in our industry is rapidly rising—and why you should be part of the sea of change.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to find the best mentor specific to your aspirations (there’s actually a lot to consider here).
  • How mentors often benefit more from mentorships than mentees do (there are many reasons you need to become a mentor).
  • How pouring into those around you gives everyone meaning and purpose in what they do (there’s no good reason not to pour into your employees and associates).

The days of our industry being tight-fisted and reluctant towards change are coming to an end. Now more than ever, sharing knowledge is essential to remaining relevant. By finding the right mentors, your career will be filled with more meaning and direction. Listen to this episode to begin (or continue) your mentorship journey.

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