Sam O’Donnell – Episode 127 – Building the Heartbeat Report (Backlog)

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Imagine if you could look into the future of your business to predict problems before they happen. Believe it or not, you can by examining your business backlog! Once understood, your backlog will put the future right in front of you.

In today’s episode—the second of the Building the Heartbeat Report series—Tim and Sam O’Donnell chat about the importance of the backlog. They both tell stories from their own experience to illustrate the superpower that the backlog is for understanding where your business is at.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to track your backlog (and what it should consist of).
  • Why every day should begin with a backlog review (and how this will force other behavior changes).
  • Why you should focus on growing your backlog—not your revenue (it’s the difference between a “lag” and “lead” measure).

You can choose to ignore the tools available and be hit with problems out of nowhere—or you can start analyzing your backlog today, and see many of those problems coming. Start by pressing play.

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