Grant Falco – Episode 129 – Building the Heartbeat Report (Warranty Percentage)

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Just because your business doesn’t process many warranties doesn’t mean your customers are happy. Having—and tracking—a baseline warranty percentage that your team constantly strives to maintain is paramount to operating a business you actually understand, and customers appreciate. How do you track your warranty percentage, though?

In today’s episode—the finale of the heartbeat report series—Tim and Grant chat about the warranty percentage keystone metric. They both explain how important this metric has been, in their experience, in uniting teams to fight against incomplete jobs.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the three different types of warranties are (and who loses the most on each).
  • What a good baseline warranty percentage is (and how to achieve it).
  • What warranty percentage will tell you about your products (this will change how you communicate with manufacturers).

Not keeping track of warranty percentage—and the three other keystone metrics—is actively allowing for nasty things to get swept under the rug. Preventing this is simple; it just requires you to confront reality and to start asking questions. Listen today to get started.

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