Jon Fox – Episode 130 – Turning Your Company Into a Selling Machine

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Far too many business people think that too much follow-up will scare customers away. When really, too much follow-up is almost always not a worthwhile concern. Customers will tell you if they find you annoying—it’s not your job to assume for them.

In today’s episode, Tim talks with returning guest and EOS Implementer Jon Fox to go back to the basics on all things sales. Over the course of this conversation, Jon reveals how to move from the convincing business to the curiosity business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine if a customer’s a good fit before they’re a customer (this will make you enjoy your job more).
  • How—and why you need—to start using a CRM (this will double your sales straight up).
  • How to do follow-up regularly without seeming annoying (this is usually just a shift in mindset rather than a shift in action).

When done for the right reasons, selling is simply providing value to customers through your product. If you and your team can approach it in that way, no customer will ever see you wrongly. Listen to this episode to redefine what selling is to you and how it should be done.

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