Dan Bonar – Episode 132 – The Journey of a Young Executive

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What if every person in our industry was required to get their hands dirty doing installations and working with customers on the ground level? We’d probably have a lot more highly capable people like this episode’s guest, someone who can’t overstate the importance of experiential knowledge.

In today’s episode, Tim speaks with Dan Bonar (VP of Residential Products at ICC Chimney) about his journey from his teenage years to where he is today and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Dan provides a priceless perspective on prioritizing customers before profits without going out of business.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How—in a highly commercialized space—do you differentiate your business’s offerings without lowering prices (the answer is in solving problems, not replicating products).
  • How to politely decline favors (the person asking will understand how valuable your time is after this).
  • How to bridge the growing gap between manufacturers and retailers (the key to this is changing your mindset).

When done for the right reasons, selling is all about providing value to customers through your product. Listen to this episode to redefine what selling means to you.

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