Tim Schurrer – Episode 134 – The Secret Society of Success

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How do you define success? Making lots of money? Being famous and influential? It’s okay to want these things, but it’s also worth considering what else you’ll want once you have them.

In today’s episode, Tim sits with Tim Schurrer (author, speaker, and former COO of StoryBrand) to discuss Schurrer’s new book, The Secret Society of Success: Stop Chasing the Spotlight and Learn to Enjoy Your Work (and Life) Again. Their conversation begins with Schurrer sharing his understanding of success, then offering a series of examples.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the secret society of success is (and how to become a part of it).
  • How to create a culture where people feel valued (and why soft skills drive hard results).
  • What taking the spotlight off of yourself will do for your business (and why doing so creates thriving relationships).

Do you view success as an opportunity to have a spotlight on yourself, or do you see it as an opportunity to help others? Leaders of the best companies in the world consistently make it clear that the second definition is why they do what they do. Redefine what success means to you by listening to this episode.

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