Megan Lee – Episode 135 – Taking Your Place in the Industry After Growing Up in It

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Would you be okay with giving your team members free products so they can experience the lifestyle they provide? If not, you should seriously reconsider your approach. Salespeople that speak from experience are better equipped than those who just read the manufacturer’s manual.

In today’s episode, Tim talks with Megan Lee (Key Account Manager at Looft Lighters) about her experience growing up in, and working in, the barbecue industry. As one of the leading women in our space, Megan brings some new topics to the show, including how to use social media to make a difference, how to attract young people to work in our industry, and what young women in our industry need to know.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to be a sniper—not a shotgunner—if you want to attract the right customers (making a message for everybody is making a message for nobody).
  • Why you should always call customers and not waste time emailing them (our industry is built on relationships, and emails aren’t very relational).
  • Why positioning your brand to be aligned with a lifestyle is crucial (this makes your brand a provider of value, not a provider of a commodity).

Experience is everything—plain and simple. As a leader, it’s essential to allow team members to experience your product in their own lives. That way, when customers come to your store, team members can tell them about the value a product has brought to their own lives. Listen today to learn more.

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