The WhyFire Team – Episode 139 – Why Core Values Matter

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It’s easy to think that core values are unnecessary fluff, but that mindset will likely lead to slow growth and poor culture. Core values, done right, are hard-edged driving forces that make companies come alive.

In today’s episode—the follow-up to last week’s episode with Stan Campbell—Tim talks about WhyFire’s core values with his fellow team members, Matt Bradley and Sam O’Donnell. These core values galvanize the WhyFire team every day—something that’s clearly conveyed through this lighthearted conversation.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the WhyFire team came up with their core values (and how those shape the team’s daily actions).
  • How to create an actionable core value (and what three traits make a rock-solid one).
  • How to bake your core values into your team (and why this gets everyone rowing in the same direction).

Honestly, most core values are fluff because they aren’t truly internalized. Taking core values seriously might be challenging at first, but doing so will lead your company down the path of prosperity. If you’re ready to rethink your core values, listen to this episode today.

Listen to Last Week’s Episode with Stan Campbell

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