Michael Verkruyse – Episode 154 – From Google to Fireplaces

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Moving from accounting to marketing to tech to fireplaces, this episode’s guest proves it’s never too late to make a drastic professional pivot.

In today’s episode, Tim talks with Michael Verkruyse (VP for Associated Energy Systems), an up-and-coming leader. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge to our industry which he gained from working for small startup companies and Google. A large portion of this conversation is comparing our industry to that of Google and discussing the significance of carbon neutrality in our industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the hearth and tech industries differ (and how knowledge from the tech industry can be applied to ours).
  • How sales persons need to understand customers first, product second (and why this spirit makes our industry special).
  • How coming together as an industry to discuss carbon neutrality will benefit us (and examples of similar industries to ours already doing this).

Michael went from an industry at the forefront of technology to the hearth industry, which is certainly not at the forefront of technology. In doing this, he has noticed many things that our industry needs to do better to keep up with the times. Listen to this episode to hear what must be done for our industry to remain relevant.

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