Last Call – Episode 164 – Q&A with Tim Rethlake (Season 9 Finale)

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The Fire Time Podcast launched over four years ago, and the first episode featured today’s guest. After praising him as the George Washington of our industry’s Mt. Rushmore, Tim asks this guest to respond to a series of questions that came in throughout the last season.

In today’s episode, Tim talks with the soon-to-be-retired Tim Rethlake (Director of Sales Effectiveness at Hearth & Home Technologies). Tim taps into Rethlake’s 40-some years of industry experience while he’s still behind the wheel—and the two have some epiphanies during their conversation that you can’t afford to miss.

In this episode, Tim and Rethlake tackle these questions (among others):

  • Is company culture even a thing anymore with how often people job-hop? (And how can we prevent job-hopping in the first place?)
  • What should we look for when we’re hiring? (And what are the right questions to ask during interviews?)
  • Are salespeople formed or gifted? (And how can we overcome the negative paradigm surrounding them?)

It’s incredible to see how things have changed since Rethlake first appeared on the podcast. His influence on our industry will endure, and his words will guide you during any tough times ahead. Listen to this episode today to learn more.

The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell

To Sell is Human by Dan Pink

AIM – Always Intentional Man

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