Amie Ryan – Episode 169 – Invest in Your Team with Education

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Shockingly, there isn’t an industry-wide required certification process to put fire into customers’ homes. However, there are many obtainable certifications that not only ensure your staff is expert at what they do but also plant peace of mind in your customers’ minds. Given the option, virtually nobody would choose an uncertified business over a certified one when dealing with something that could burn their home down.

This episode is an interview interrupting our weekly Rapid Reaction episodes to celebrate the upcoming HPBExpo in Louisville, Kentucky. Join Tim as he interviews Amie Ryan of the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) to learn about the benefits of—and ways to get—educated and certified by NFI (inexpensively). The content in this episode is a great way to prepare for the upcoming HPBExpo, as both NFI and Tim will be providing educational opportunities at the show.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How education increases customers’ respect and can bring our industry together (this, once fully embraced, could transform our industry for the better).
  • What NFI has planned for this year’s HPBExpo (this is an opportunity that you do not want to miss).
  • What The Fire Time EDx event at this year’s HBPExpo will consist of (this will be the premiere event of the expo).

We provide customers with beauty, comfort, and safety. If a customer doesn’t feel you’re providing them with safety because your team isn’t certified, you will have difficulty putting fire into their home. By getting certified, you can increase your customers’ trust in your business and improve our industry. Listen to this episode to learn how to get started.

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