Utilize a Documented Sales Process – Episode 181 – Part 2 of Building a Framework of Sales Management

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Do your salespeople have the liberty to sell however they please? While that may occasionally work, having a consistent sales process can regularly work. This doesn’t mean your salespeople become robots; it means they have a flexible framework to solve every customer’s problem. They go from thinking, “This is how I do it,” to “This is how we do it.”

In today’s episode, Tim will teach you how to develop and document your company’s sales process to hold all salespeople accountable to a performance standard.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The five steps of utilizing a sales process (this will allow you to go from having nothing to everything).
  • The structure of the document you need to create to document your sales process (this will become your salespeople’s bible).
  • The sales process that The Fire Time Magazine utilizes (this process works very well for our industry, and you can replicate it).

As the economy continues to tighten up, now more than ever, we need to play offense if we want to be successful. By choosing not to build a sales management framework, your company will likely not grow in the long term. Listen to this episode—part two of the Building a Framework of Sales Management series—to learn how to lead your sales process and company to success.

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