Commit to Sales Practice – Episode 186 – Part 7 of Building a Framework of Sales Management

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Being confident in sales skills is common, but reflecting on and critiquing them to get better is not. This is why committing to practicing sales day in and day out is critical to success.

In today’s episode, Tim takes on something we have never done on the podcast before: he has a live sales practice with Curtis Coomer and Quinn Lackey of Barnhill Chimney.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The rhythm of a good sales practice session (this is something that has taken Tim years to master).
  • What needs to be put in place to commit to a regular sales practice with your team (this will allow your salespeople to grow drastically).
  • How to get past the awkward beginnings of a sales practice (this is what separates those who succeed the most).

What we do in this episode is something you must do if you want to go from playing defense to playing offense. Regular sales practice will take your team to the next level if you can stick to it. Listen to this episode to learn from some of the best at implementing a regular sales practice.

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