Matt Bradley – Episode 189 – Hiring and Inspiring Gen Z

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If we want to be serious about hiring and inspiring Gen Z, we don’t have to offer more paid time off or higher wages. Instead, we first need to understand the forces that influence young people’s worldview, and, second, sincerely connect with them.

In today’s episode, Matt Bradley (Partnership Manager at WhyFire) explains how postmodernism plagued Gen Z and what can be done to reverse its effects. After a decade of teaching thousands of Gen Z high school students, Matt’s found how to cultivate genuine relationships with young people and empower them to do challenging things.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why members of Gen Z believe there’s nothing to strive for in life (and the three primary problems within this belief).
  • How to empower members of Gen Z through mentorship (and how doing this will actually empower you too).
  • Practical principles for hiring and inspiring Gen Z (and the questions you should be asking when hiring).

If we want to make a difference with this generation, the ideas discussed in this episode are all we need to begin. You can develop young people with courageous strength entrenched in moral purpose. They’ll show up to work even when it’s difficult, go home and take care of their loved ones even when it’s inconvenient, and show up energized and ready to go the following day. Get started by listening to this episode.

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