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May 2024

In this episode, Tim shares a course that he recently taught in Dallas, Texas at AES Dealer Days about creating a culture of sales practice in your business. If you’re struggling to inspire your sales team to perform as the economy tightens up then it’s critical that you have them practice regularly. This course walks through the basics of how to lead your team in sales practice—and Tim even practices live with some of the audience.

Don’t miss this conversation to invest in your sales team and grow their performance!

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In any creative endeavor, it’s possible to define success as the big win, the moment when your dreams match reality. Success is the end of imposter syndrome, stability and finally making it to the other side.

By this definition, it’s clear that success isn’t going to happen. It’s incompatible with the reason you do this work in the first place…

In this video, you’ll hear from five female entrepreneurs who are changing the typical face of business. They discuss their secrets to success and how they’ve had the courage to think outside of the box and go left when the status quo goes right.

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