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Learn to speak with Customers in a language they understand, inspire your Sales Team and grow your Bottom Line.

Tim Reed | Founder

Tim has helped hundreds of people in the hearth industry over the last decade. He is passionate about connecting people to their customers and teaching leaders to inspire their team.

"What Tim says sticks with you partially due to his passion, but also because it just makes sense. The changes in a short time have improved morale and also production."
Grant Falco
Owner - Falco's (Spokane, WA)

The Fire Time Podcast

Where it’s never hot enough, slow is fast, and the way to win is making it so stupidly easy to buy from you that there is no excuse not to.

Roadmap to Success

Written for the hearth industry and by the hearth industry, these steps are systematic and repeatable for growing the bottom line of your company.

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Learn to connect with your customers and inspire your sales team to grow your business.