The Fire Time Magazine - Advertising Partnership - Expectations & Statement of Work:

Advertising in The Fire Time Magazine will be limited to 17 total advertisements per issue for 2021 and when the spaces are filled there will be no more.

  • Choice of Standalone or Integrated Advertisement in every issue (Graphics or Video)
  • Choice of one category exclusive advertising rights for the calendar year (Gas Insert, Wood Fireplace, Pellet Stove, Pellet BBQ, etc.)
  • Advertisement placement authority (rotating between Executive Partners)
  • Advertising Analytics relative to publication advertising baseline (never seen before in our industry)
  • 10 Month advertising commitment (based on calendar year)


  • Article and interview content in the magazine will not be dictated by the advertisers in the magazine. If at any time these appear to align, it is by coincidence only.
  • While Executive and Platinum Partnerships have exclusive or semi-exclusive product advertising categories, articles and interviews in the magazine may mention products and services that overlap those product categories.
  • If another company’s advertisement, in an separate product category, happens to have a competing product in it—that is part of a category claimed by an Executive or Platinum Partnership—it will be allowed as long as there is no text referencing it in the advertisement and the product name is blurred out.
  • Executive Partnerships are making a 10-month commitment to advertising in 2021.
  • Platinum Partnerships are making a 10-month commitment to advertising in 2021.
  • Standard Partnerships are making a quarterly commitment to advertising in 2021.
  • Advertising partners will be fully refunded in the event that a publication doesn’t come out or The Fire Time Magazine ceases to exist.
  • Custom/Semi-Custom Fireplaces and Gas Fireplaces categories will have some similar content.
  • If advertisement is not submitted within necessary timeline, ad may be void and the advertising partner will not be refunded.
  • If Executive or Platinum Partner want to change exclusive/semi-exclusive product categories mid-year, it may be possible, but will be subject to availability.


The Fire Time Magazine (Contractor) will provide 10 Monthly advertising opportunity with a standalone or integrated advertisement. The Fire Time Magazine (Contractor) will generally work 2-3 months out from the release of an upcoming issue and will send a calendar of yearly advertising deadlines in January of 2021 (the first advertising deadline for the inaugural issue is January 15th, 2021). Advertising is subject to approval from The Fire Time Magazine (Contractor).


The Client will need to select a product category before December 31st, 2020.  The Client must provide their advertising content (finished to the advertising specs provided) prior to the deadlines set by The Fire Time Magazine (Contractor) for upcoming issues. Advertisements submitted after the deadline may not be run in the issue and, in that event, the Client will not be refunded. The client will need to be current on all billing (NET 30 from time of invoice) otherwise advertisements will not be run in future issues until current. The client will need to be responsive to all questions or modifications to their advertisements for timeline to be met.


  • Enrollment Deposit: $4,999 USD (credit towards first payment).
  • Payment Terms: 10-month commitment broken down into pro-rated quarterly payments (the Client will have the option to pay the entire lump sum of services upfront with a 5% discount if paid by February 15th, 2021). Services must be paid via bank transfer or check.
    • Payment for Q1 & 2 services: Due January 2021
    • Payment for Q3 services: Due April 2021
    • Payment for Q4 services: Due July 2021
  • Late Fee: Invoices not paid NET 30 will be subject to a $100/day late charge until rectified.
  • Cancelation Fee: If the Client chooses to cancel, they will be expected to pay for the remaining services of the current quarter and following quarter (pro-rated based on the yearly rate divided by the number of issues to be released that year). If cancellation is in Q4, the Client will only have to pay for the remaining services in Q4.
  • Payment Method: Enrollment deposit to be paid by credit card with the following services paid by check or bank transfer.