3 Reasons Your Website is Leaking Money (Part 2)

Most Websites in the Hearth Industry are Leaking Money

These videos will help you identify common mistakes so that your site can engage customers and generate more leads than ever.

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These videos can help you take control of your website and generate more leads than ever before. (Watch them anytime)

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Your Website Should Generate Leads That Make You Money

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– Emily Goense (Kring’s Hearth & Home, PA)

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Most websites in the hearth industry are leaking money because:

  • They are confusing customers (with all kinds of insider language)
  • They aren’t generating leads (when they should be driving hundreds of them)
  • They are wasting advertising dollars (because customers aren’t compelled to buy)

Most websites in the hearth industry are leaking money because:


They are confusing customers with insider language.


They aren’t turning visitors into leads for your business.


They are wasting your advertising dollars (seriously).

Your website can generate thousands of leads for you every year by connecting with customers in a way that compels them to buy.