About Grant:

Grant Falco is the Owner & General Manager of Falco’s in the Pacific Northwest where he helps 35 team members blow customers expectations out of the water as they invest in fireplaces and outdoor grilling. Combined, Falco’s has more than doubled since Grant took over in 2013. His attention to the details of his business combined with a servant’s heart have helped him grow team members along with profits. During his time at Falco’s, Grant has worked in every aspect of the business, from sales, to estimating, installation, and even was the head-janitor (which has helped keep Grant humble). Grant’s commitment to his team and family have set Falco’s up for rampant growth in the years to come.

Falco’s has become nationally recognized as one the premier retailers in the hearth industry through Grant’s social media channels. Being a practitioner of social media, and marketing in general, has helped Grant teach other businesses the same principles that have grown his own following. Outside of social media, Grant is known for helping dealers and manufacturers innovate their products and connect with their customers like never before. He has been flown all over the country to teach businesses about the principles that have helped him move the needle.

Grant lives in Spokane, WA with his wife, Andrea, and three children, Louis, Theo, and Ava James. After three decades in the business he’s still the head janitor.

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About Tim:

Tim Reed is the President of Reed Marketing LLC where he helps business leaders in the hearth industry win by simplifying their sales process. Starting as an installer and eventually moving into sales and leadership, Tim grew his company’s retail division by millions while raising up team members to take his place in the business. Tim has been invited all over North America to teach companies how to market effectively and make it easy for customers to buy from them. His YouTube videos, sales blog, and “Fire Time Podcast” have become a resource for the industry and are actively helping thousands of people rethink their paradigms so that they can grow their businesses in the changing landscape.

Tim learned “just enough to be dangerous” about sales, marketing, web development, and leadership from years of playing guitar in a failing punk band—which he swears has uniquely qualified him for his job today. Now considered one of the most innovative minds and compelling communicators in the industry, Tim uses his platform to serve others, helping them create clear messages that are wildly compelling to their audiences.

Tim lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Jessica, two children, Olivia and Luke, and his 90 pound Golden Retriever, Walter. He still plays guitar in a failing punk band.

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