The Fire Time Journal

A yearly printed playbook based on the eight departments of a hearth retailer.





Support Staff

Grounds & Warehouse



"I can't tell you enough how great this tool will be for the industry. You and your team have done amazing work."

Dennis Deakin (Sales Manager, Sutter Home & Hearth)

• Broken down by the eight departments of a hearth retailer.
• 20+ Articles written by experts from all over North America.
• Over 150 pages long.
• Every article available in audio format.
• Over three hours of audio content.
• Leadership assessments, job walk PDFs, service call forms, and more bonus content available via QR code.

Volume 1:

A Map for 2022


(Includes Shipping and Handling)

Volume 2:

It's Time


(Includes Shipping and Handling)

Volume 3:

Fighting the Current


(Includes Shipping and Handling)