Executive Partnership Deposit (The Fire Time Magazine)


Choose an Executive Partnership to gain the most value from advertising in The Fire Time Magazine. This is an advertising commitment for the remainder of 2021 at $3,499 per issue (plus taxes where applicable).

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Advertising in The Fire Time Magazine will be limited to 17 total advertisements per issue for 2021 and when the spaces are filled there will be no more.

Executive Partnerships include:

  • The ability to advertise with Graphics & Video content.
  • Use of “Ad within an Ad”animation in advertisements.
  • Advertisement placement authority (rotating between Executive Partners).
  • Advertising Analytics relative to publication advertising baseline(never seen before in our industry).
  • Choice of Standalone or Integrated advertisement in every issue (see media kit for details)
  • Exclusive Digital Advertising Workshop (train your team on animations, video advertising, and how to create a message that resonates).
  • Advertising commitment for remainder of 2021 at $3,499 per issue (plus taxes where applicable).


Please note:

  • Content in the magazine will not be dictated by advertising partnerships. If at any time it appears to align, we can assure you that it is by chance.
  • Executive Partnerships for 2021 require a 10 month commitment.
  • Payment: 10 month commitment will broken down into the following payment schedule:
    • $4,999 Enrollment Deposit (credited towards first payment).
    • Payment for Q1 & Q2 issues (less initial deposit): Due January of 2021.
    • Payment for Q3 issues: Due April of 2021.
    • Payment for Q4 issues: Due July of 2021.
    • 5% discount for 10 month partnerships paid in full before February 1st, 2021.
    • All payments outside of Enrollment Deposit to be paid via bank transfer or check only.
    • Payment terms are NET 30.
    • Late Fee: Invoices not paid NET 30 will be subject to a $100/day late charge until rectified.
    • Outstanding Invoices may result in termination of partnership
  • Cancelation Fee: If the Client chooses to cancel, they will be expected to pay for the remaining services of the current quarter and following quarter (pro-rated based on the yearly rate divided by the number of issues to be released that year). If cancellation is in Q4, the Client will only have to pay for the remaining services in Q4.
  • All unpublished material will be fully refunded in the event that a monthly publication is not released out or The Fire Time Magazine ceases to exist.