Contributor Spotlight: Heather Hockenberry

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Heather Hockenberry

Heather Hockenberry brings a ton of value to the team at Hockenberry Management Consulting, a firm that’s been in business for over 22 years. With a strong passion for teaching, training, and coaching, she’s been instrumental in helping leaders in a variety of organizations, including those in the hearth industry. 

Heather is deeply passionate about optimizing individual and organizational performance. She specializes in several key business areas, including communications, marketing, leadership, and culture. As a Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation with a master’s degree in Executive Coaching and Consulting, Heather guides executives and teams to reach their full potential. 

Clients consistently praise Heather for her unique approach and her unwavering commitment to their success. As one client, a Sales Manager, noted, “Heather brings a fresh, creative direction to the normal business world—she is innovative, has strong integrity, and is willing to commit to whatever is needed to help a business be successful.” Other clients highlight her attention to detail and her ability to challenge individuals to grow professionally and personally, resulting in balanced and confident leaders.

Heather also has a proven track record of helping hearth retailers tackle their unique challenges. She understands the seasonality of the hearth industry and works with businesses to develop strategies that keep them thriving year-round. Whether it’s enhancing customers’ experiences during peak season or optimizing operations during slower periods, Heather’s tailored strategies have led to significant improvements for her clients. She and her team are dedicated to continuous learning and a comprehensive understanding of business success principles, making them sought-after consultants in the hearth industry.

In short, Heather’s commitment to performance optimization and her passion for empowering leaders make her an outstanding contributor to The Fire Time Magazine. To learn more about Heather’s work, visit the Hockenberry Management Consulting website, connect with her on LinkedIn, or listen to her recent interview on The Fire Time Podcast.

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