The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 4 – CHERBEL YOUSIEF

Published by Timothy Reed on

Are you stuck in a rut, doing the same old thing every day, wondering when you will get out of the hamster wheel?

Most businesses run this way, never able to scale or innovate because they always do that they’ve always done. If that’s how they operate is it any wonder that they always get what they’ve always ‘got?

Well today, Cherbel Yousief, President of Enviro Fireplaces stops by The Fire Time Podcast to talk about innovation. 10 years ago, Enviro was known for their Pellet Stoves, but as they looked ahead, they saw untapped opportunity in the gas market. Since then, they have maximized their gas line to where it outsells every other part of their company – but doing that took intentionality and focus.

In this episode:

  • Learn what you need to innovate just like Enviro did (most companies are blind to this)
  • Understand what it takes to hire the best team to grow your company (this is amazing and it will make hiring and firing easier than ever)
  • Know the difference between leadership and management (this is critical to your success)

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