The One Thing Your Team is Missing

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If you’re like most of us in the hearth industry, you’re strapped for time. I mean, who has any of it—especially in the middle of November?

Do you want a sales team that is radically effective in what they do? To the point where they close so many sales, you have to go out and hire more installers for your company. I would think that’s a problem that everyone wants to have. But, if you’re like most companies, you find it really hard to teach (and coach) your sales team to be effective all the time, every time.

In order to do that, there is one key ingredient that is so simple, most companies don’t think it matter: Practice.

Salespeople that don’t practice their craft:

  • Are not as good as they think they are
  • Have little self-awareness as to how they come off to customers
  • Kill their ability to sell more

Practice is the secret sauce to successful selling, I’m not joking when I say that a regular rhythm of practice can grow a salesperson’s annual sales by 50% in one year. The problem is that practice requires focus and intentionality that most businesses just don’t have.

I have a friend who is a Philadelphia Eagles fan—when they won the Super Bowl last year, he was ecstatic! If you think about that team, they didn’t just show up on the field on Sundays because they were “naturals”. Rather, they practiced every day of the week to prepare and hone themselves for the upcoming game—sales is no different. If you don’t practice you simply won’t win when its showtime.

Now, the first day that you start a rhythm of practice, you’ll get complaints from your team—and here’s what you need to say in response:

  • “It’s not the same thing as the real world” (That’s right, but its the closest thing to it that you will get)
  • “But the people I’m practicing with knows what I’m going to say” (When the Eagles practice, I’m pretty sure they defense knows the plays the offense is calling. So what?)
  • “I’m not myself when I practice” (Well, you are actually are, the truth is that you are finally a little self-aware as to how you come across to customers”)
  • “This is awkward” (Yep, it’s awkward and difficult, just like lifting weights for the first time is, but that doesn’t change the result that you’ll get)

If you want to win, practice with your team. Think about real-world scenarios that you can role-play, after the session is done, provide candid (and gracious) feedback for the team. The most effective way to do this is if you can step up and be the first person to sell. Your team will be shocked at your bravery (and humility) as you receive feedback and coaching just like everyone else.

Imagine if you could increase your yearly sales by 50% with zero additional marketing dollars. I would think that your standard of living would increase, your team members would make more money and your customer’s would be happier—who wouldn’t want that? So take control of your team with an hour long practice session one day every week. Your team will will squirm at first, but they will thank you later when they see how it effects their bank account.


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