The Fire Time Podcast – Episode 24 – JJ Peterson

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JJ Peterson (PHD, Chief of Facilitation & Teaching | Storybrand)

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Most companies think they have a message that makes sense to their customers when it’s actually confusing them. The reason is because companies are too close to what they do and aren’t able to back up enough to see from the perspective of their customers. In today’s episode, JJ Peterson from Storybrandsits down to talk about how their 7 part framework can connect businesses with their customers like never before.

If you think your messaging may be confusing for your customers then this episode is for you:

  • Learn why the framework of story connects a customer to your business like nothing else (believe me, this is a game changer)
  • Understand why your business should never play the “Hero” in marketing (and why you should instead become the “Guide”)
  • Listen to JJ explain the 7 part Storybrand framework from start to finish (this can make a radical difference for you right away)

Don’t miss out on learning what you need to move the needle in your marketing. This framework is proven to work regardless of the size of your business and customer base. You can finally take control of your marketing and clearly explain the value that your company offers in a way that your customers understand.

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